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      燃氣發電機組Gas Generator Set


      Gas generator sets, using gas as power sources and using spark ignition engine to finish heat power conversion, are equipped with cooling, lubricating, fuel supply, control, PTO, parallel, base frame systems. Gas generator sets are complete electricity output equipment, can accept both low and high pressure gas sources and are new type green environmental protection power which can replace fuel and coal consumption generator sets. Gas generator sets have the advantages of wide power range, easy starting, reliable performance, good quality power, light weight, compact structure, convenient maintenance, low frequency noise, low emission pollution, high efficiency, convenience for cogeneration, single set operation, parallel operation and grid-connection operation etc. Our self-reforming gas engines can electronically control the spark ignition engines, turbo, lean burn, water cooling, air-air cooling and governing control system. Gas generator sets are widely applied for natural gas, methane, associated gas, coal bed gas, coking gas, landfill gas, biogas etc. 

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